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Creation Story

February 29, 2012

A line of points ran along among threads of Itself for some Time until a point near the end of the line decided the foremost point – the Vanguard1, if you will – should be given a larger Form so as to better lead.

This proposition ran into trouble right off: the Vanguard was always changing, for the line ran on without pause.

The Vanguard is always a different point.

Each point was – at one point in Time – the Vanguard.

Each Vanguard was created by the last.

Every line has an Origin.

Every point is an intersection2.

Every intersection pinpoints the Origin.

The point that had done the proposing decided that this gift of Form would also have to change as the Vanguard changed.

Then they would proceed together in a Time-ly fashion.

“Let there be Light.”

The Vanguard at that moment became twice the size of the last and was divided in two shades.

“Let there be Heaven and Earth.”

Beginning some number of points before the Vanguard, many adjacent and surrounding points, circles, and lines shifted according to a Logo until they Formed a Cosmos.

“Let there be Life.”

The Vanguard point shifted to form acell.

The cell divided.

There was a primate.

A line ran through its Origin and the primate proceeded as a Vanguard for some Time.

There is a distance that comes with Form, and in trying to bridge it, the primate became impeded by another.

There was conflict over a point.

One primate eventually diffused into several other Forms.

The other continued on, threading a way through its life-Time.

Some number of points realized the original intent had long been diverged from.

They decided that all Form had done was to impede and thereby offend the lines that passed through its surreality.

It is uncertain whether it was Form itself or those points proclaiming it was Form itself that were most cancerous.

Form decided to acquiesce, but it takes Time to unwind.

There was conflict over the finer points.

There was a deconstruction of Form as the Cosmos slowly sorted itself out in accordance with its Logo.

Points were diffused into and then from shapes and lines until nowhere was there any difference.

It went well for some Time.



1Known to some as a “line-leader”.

2Adapted from a line in “Madness” by Del tha Funkee Homosapien.


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