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February 28, 2012

Magic comes in bits and bins –

I will turn them there into this and that.

Binary staggers til they get the spins

and spill out over England in alphabet black:


There was a man born 20 years before his time

and a woman that was 30 before him.

She left him for another that was further ahead

and so he fell farther behind.

The thief passed by and was deuces til dead

meaning he was nigh for his time.


They had a child together, the thief and the girl.

He gave up his craft and looked to the future

but he died soonafter and his daughter was old-fashioned.


They don’t fit neatly and fret all the way

but where they belong they already are.

To be ahead of time is to harken it

and some know theirs when it comes.


We’re adrift in fractals unstuck

so who is to say who is further?


They come forth from my mind

unbidden like breath

and create stories in kind

then leave me like life leaves death.


From → Poetry

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