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Signs of the Times

October 8, 2011

A wise man once said:

“We think of there being ‘signs’ along the way

but we do not understand that everything is one big sign.”


Do ye Present not see?

Those before were not lesser –

not dumber not devolved not different.

They were like us with politics and war,

day-to-day tragedies and gossipy lives, playing,

for control of the female, the game of thrones.

Their lords were our electorate – their revolts, our riots.

Some is better, some was worse, much has changed…

still it’s all the same old, and Time is yet untamed.


Do ye Present not hear

those brazen trumpets sounding-

screaming that déjà vu is inherited

from endless concentric spirals

that reach at frontier horizons like Babel –

constructed with blood-washed stone,

overseen by clever men with whip-like ties,

and built upon the labor of slaves?


Do ye Present not feel

thunderbolts of the gods passing through

along their own ways with unknown aims

when we grok, in moments of clarity,

the Truth in the myriad falsities of life,

and sense the justice born from human error?

But we are gods ourselves and thy will be done;

empathy flies like an arrow of Eros or a bolt of Zeus, so

follow your heart and wallow no more, for


Time devours itself like the Serpent

that wraps around our fingers as we work.


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