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Last Words

July 24, 2011

A bit gimmicky, but:


Surely not

it can’t be

look at the state of things

my shit’s spilling

save me

where am I

hold the line


you’re next

the flowers

I like the wind

don’t leave me

that cloud looks like a fish

i’m swimming

the moon looks so bright from here

mom, i’m coming home


I tried

have at ’em, over the line!

I can see through the veil

it’s quiet

too loud

we made it

there’s pain

save my art

i’m getting washed away

no one will remember my face in ten years

if only I hadn’t slept so much

I should have said hello

this was all such a joke

but what a great game

what fun

everything just fell apart

look at all we’ve done

I daresay we’ve won, old lads

at last, at long last

i’m not ready!

The ground is so soft

I love you all

Oh, God!

I feel as though I’ve been lying here for an eternity

never thought this day would finally come

fuck everything

he’s just a boy, and so am I

what just happened?

I love you all

Acta est fabula, plaudite!


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