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Old Friends

February 2, 2010

A definite B-side in quality, but as I can’t imitate the feeling, this is what I ended up with — fittingly unsatisfactory, like my early departure from Shimer College and lost friends.

There is never time for old friends,

never time on the road for old bends,

and time barely for revisitations of old sins,

(as opposed to reflection so you won’t do it again).

Friends fade away, wait-it’s on the tip of my tongue!

But like a memory, they can be gone with the wind,

for a friend is merely your fallback, not your next of kin,

Crutch for boredom; but like a pill, they’ll pop back in.

But sometimes they fit you better than your family; what then?

Run from the hills, but the ones you’re looking for are too far-flung!

Loss is the cold shiver when you choke down the bitter with the sweet- but find yourself on the mend,

So losing my old and good friends strikes me as somewhat of a negative trend,

I look to the stars as only the Fates are beyond the scrying wunderkind,

And if we can’t bridge the distance now, perhaps I’d prefer the world to end.


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