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Thoughts of a Dying Psychologist

March 23, 2008

My lyrical interpretive dance for Ms. Moon’s AP Psychology class. Probably the best piece of satire I’ve done, somehow.

Hysteria, dementia, paranoia,

he jerks-behaviorism.

Stumbling, blocking, crashing.

Newspaper stands fall before him.

The present on the pavement.

Chaining alliteration,

Alzheimer’s atrocious amnesia

he is up!

Modeling his punishment,

his reward is the most negatively


I’m certain of it!-


His classical conditioning,

lifetimes of classrooms

offering nothing.

Retrieval is useless in oblivion.

Flailing about, he is extinction.

Bystanders, observational learning.

Stumbling, bumbling

Into the street, he shouts

incoherence, tip-of-the-tongue

warnings from repressed memories

of lives not lived.

Spontaneous recovery.

He remembers.

Car accident.


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