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Here I Dreamt I Was an Author

March 23, 2008

Describe an inanimate object:

Brittain Sluder

AP Language and Composition

Ms. Hooper

February 8, 2007

Here I Dreamt I Was An Author

I was there at the beginning. I was there with Einstein, sitting at his desk in the wee hours of the morning jotting equations by the light of his bedside lamp, and with Hitler, laying in his jail cell telling the world his thoughts. I was there when Rome fell. I am the harbinger of the harshest tirade and the bearer of the softest whispers. I am the poet’s closest friend. I am common among all nations. I am the herald of revolutions. The tides of progress are driven by my hand. I unite the world.

You can find me sitting upon the crest of a hill, gazing out into the sunrise. You can find me in a candle-lit room of a monastery. You can find me in every household on the planet. My forefathers rests now in the endless sands of the East. It is through me that social movements gain footing and sweep a nation. I am the gavel through which history is decreed. I am change.

I was Cobain’s scribe; it’s better to burn out than to fade away. I am the only one who has seen the mind of madmen, and I have been the means by which they perished. I carry the power of life and death within me. I am the word of God, and the rantings of Lucifer. I created the Bible, the Koran and the Torah. And I can destroy them.

I was there when Ballou composed his immortal love letter. It will whisper your name. I was present the morning the United States accepted its destiny. I was there with Lincoln in Gettysburg, the last full measure of devotion. I was there when the boy who lived was born, and at the return of the king. I am the first rule of Fight Club. I was there in the beginning, and I’ll be here at the end.


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