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Mind’s Eye

This is the de facto website of Brittain Sluder, fiction writer and person.


NEWS: Rather than self-publishing a short story collection, I’ve decided to hold out for submissions to literary journals, so some of my pieces might come and go.

Beyond that, I’m working on a book called “Sol Ride”, planning a sequel to “The Electrician’s Gift“, and a few bigger, better projects I have in the works. And, of course, the usual stream of short stories and poems.

On that note, if anyone wishes to collaborate, make cover art, trade reviews, etc, please don’t hesitate to email me:


If you’re here to read and unsure about where to start, I would direct you to my short stories¬†which are of many different genres and all (I hope) different, ranging from realist to surrealist to sci-fi to fantasy to allegory, or a mixture. Or, you know, read some poems or whatever.


I am meager and my stories are prayers
offered on pixelated pages
bound in digital cages
each letter is channeled from a place I cannot see,
but like the sea,
I can feel it from the shore.

Full version of the banner — an as yet untitled painting by my friend Luke Farmer. It’s here to rep him and because the page needed some life.